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Steel hot bottle

Do you think you're sick and tired of carrying around plastic water bottles that leak and smell bad, or are your looking for a more option that is eco-friendly? Then look no further than the TKK BOTTLES hot and cold water bottle 500ml. This innovative product that was safer perfect for all your beverage needs, whether you're on the go or at home.


Oneof the main features of the Steel Hot Bottle is their durability. Produced fromhigh-quality steel, it can withstand even the harshest conditions. Against ahard surface, TKK BOTTLES bottle to keep water hot will not break or crack like plastic bottles whether you dropit or accidentally hit it. Additionally, steel can be a safer and healthiermaterial for bottles, as it does not leach chemicals into your beverages,unlike plastic.

Why choose TKK BOTTLES Steel hot bottle?

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How exactly to Use

Beforeusing your TKK BOTTLES hot and cold bottle, fill it with boiling water and allow it to sit forfive full minutes to preheat the interior temperature. This task helps maintainthe temperature that are hot of beverage for longer. Next, pour out the waterthis is certainly hot fill the bottle with your desired drink. The bottle canbe started by unscrewing the cap, which doubles as a cup. Sip your beverage andenjoy.


Awarranty covers the Steel Hot Bottle that guarantees its quality. The TKK BOTTLES manufacturer will repair or replace the bottle free of charge when there is anydefects in the materials or craftsmanship within the guarantee duration.Additionally, consumer service is present to answer any relevant issues orconcerns you could have about the product.


Whenit involves quality, the TKK BOTTLES Steel Hot Bottle is unmatched. The steel material notmerely causes it to be durable but additionally rust-resistant. Its design thisis certainly double-walled and insulation ensure that your drink stays hot orcold for longer periods, making it perfect for outdoor activities or on-the-gotrips.

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